Prologue: When It All Fell Apart

About 5 years ago there was a comic creation competition held by the now defunct MTV Geek in association with Stan "The Man" Lee. Many members of the Pulsar Entertainment staff competed in this competition and were selected as finalists!

During the compeition a handful or writing finalists were selected for a final round of fan driven judging and would be coupled with a winning artist. When all was said and done there could only be one winning writer and one winning artist... None of the now, Pulsar Co Founders, were chosen :)

So, a couple years following the competition one of the contestants that didn't even place in the finals got to thinking about putting together a comicbook startup of his own. After hearing Stan speak at a large scale comic convention he was struck with an idea and began seeking talent (pun intended).

He scrambled through the publicized finalists' scripts and contacted everyone he could find. Three poor souls replied with a yes and they've been stuck together ever since.

Fast forward a year later they've amassed a team 14 strong of artists, writers, and creators located around the world. That team in now known as Pulsar Entertainment and they've been itching for a second chance.

-J Allen, GM Pulsar Entertainment "And they said I couldn't tell a story ;)"


Founded by finalists from a comic competition held by MTVGeek in association with Stan Lee; Pulsar Entertainment, LLC. seeks to be the main provider of independently owned comics in the world. Pulsar is now a webcomics company focused on offering collaboration, monetization, and digital distribution tools for independent creators.