Become Sponsored Creator or Comic Convention Affiliate!

May 01, 2018

Pulsar Entertainment is in the process of establighing a network of comic convention affiliates (artists and merchandisers with event presences) for a national pop up shop campaign.

As Premium Pulsar Users upload comics to our web library the top rated series (ranked by total supporter votes and highest average across all comics in the series) will be selected sponsorship at which time we will create short run prints (costs paid by Pulsar) to be distributed to our convention affiliates for commission sales.

This collaboration among comic creators, convention affiliates, and Pulsar will allow for independent comic creators from around the world to sell their work with limited investment and enable convention affiliates with booths or tables to sell more merchandise without incurring any print or inventory costs.

If you are a comic convention attendee that has a booth or table presence at any comic/entertainment convention please reach out to us at info@pulsar-entertainment.com and apply to be a convention affiliate.

If you are a comic artist with prints or comics you would like to sell you must be a Premium Pulsar User but feel free to reach out to info@pulsar-entertainment for more info!

-Pulsar Team

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