Pulsar Comic Contest Winners!

Aug 07, 2017

Thank You

We would like to start off by saying thank you to the over 2000 users who joined to support our inaugural competition for comic creators!

Pulsar received over 60 completed submissions for the competition and even more that just fell short of meeting entry requirements.

Prior to jumping into the winners of the contest however, we have a few announcements to make...

Pulsar's Next Comic Contest

Our next contest will officially launch on September 1st!
Please get your typewriters and HBs ready for our next comic contest.

The official contest rules & prizes will be announced between now and September 1st.

But, we will share that the new contest will have similar rules to our last contest and the theme will be:
Female Heroes (Content must be "All Ages" appropriate)

Submissions that had already been submitted to one of our previous contests will not be accepted.

New "CONCEPTS" area on Pulsar-Entertainment.com

Creators now have access to the "CONCEPTS" section of the Pulsar website.

In the Concepts section Pulsar creators can post ideas on comic concepts directly to our site in the form of a forum while including video overviews of their ideas, sample comic pages, or even pieces of scripts.

The goal of releasing a Concept is to:
  1. Gain a pre-launch supporter base; validate an idea prior to investing time or resources.
  2. Recruit a creative team; other creators can view your concept post and offer to join your creative efforts (other illustrators, colorists, writers, etc.).
The goal of the concepts area is to lower the barriers of entry to kicking off your comic project.

$$ Monetization Tools for Creators

Pulsar has invested in the development of pathways to assist our creative community in earning revenue from their creations!

We are happy to announce the Beta version of PulsarBEAM.

PulsarBEAM is a display advertising service uniquely built to merge and reach the fanbases of our entire creative community. Now creators can display sponsored ads to earn revenue without ever having to sell a single comic!

If you would like to learn more about how to participate in PulsarBEAM click here.

We will also be attending a bunch on conventions and offering the opportunity for artists from around the globe to sell their work through Pulsar, as we work the show floor on your behalf! If you would like to learn more click here.

Contest Winners!!

Now for the moment you've all been waiting for. We have the results of our first annual Comic Creator Contest...

With the help of our celebrity judges we've settled on 3 top finishers with an additional 1 international finisher.

Here are the finishers and their prizes:

Top International Finisher - SAN JORGE MATADOR by Xavier Tárrega

  • $1,000 Contract Opportunity for 3 issue series run

  • 12 month series feature on Pulsar-Entertainment.com

  • Video interview posted to Pulsar-Entertainment.com

US & Canada...

3rd Place - The Food Police: It's Just One of Those Hollandais by Christina R.

  • 3 month series feature on Pulsar-Entertainment.com

  • Signed Comic by Celebrity Judge TBD

2nd Place - The Protagonist in: "If This Be Thy Laser--!" by Brendan Tobin

1st Place - The Tommy Gun Dolls by Daniel Cooney

  • $5,000 Cash Prize

  • 1 on 1 coaching session with John Bogdonove

  • 12 month series feature on Pulsar-Entertainment.com

  • Signed Comic by Celebrity Judge TBD

Our winning finalists should be receiving an email over the next week detailing the next steps in receiving their prizes. 

Congratulations and thanks to all who participated!

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