Contest Update: Entry Deadlines Extended

May 31, 2017

*UPDATE: 5/31/17: Due to several requests for more time to work on contest submissions we have decided to extend our deadlines and update the rules. Please see the following...

  1. Contest Submission Deadlines for the Entry Round, originally June 16th 2017 will be pushed to July 15th 2017, with Semifinalists announced July 16th 2017, Finalists announced July 24th 2017, and Contest winners announced August 6th 2017.
  2. Rather than the original 200 supporter goal, due to the limited time available, your comic will only need to reach 25 supporters to make it to the semifinals (round 2). Please remember to promote your comic to friends, family, and fans.
  3. Everyone who places an entry for the contest by 11:59 pm EST on June 1st automatically makes it to semifinals. That means everyone who already submitted prior to this update being posted are already qualified for the semifinals.
  4. All contest submissions can now be any length, this means current submissions can be edited and have pages added.
  5. However, judges in the semifinal and final rounds will only judge on the first 8 pages of comics submitted to the competition, inclusive of any cover.

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