Contest Update: International Prizes for Talent Hunt

May 10, 2017

*UPDATE: 5/10/17

Pulsar Entertainment, LLC. added some prize options for our international contestants. Feel free to share with friends located outside of the United States & Canada.

*UPDATE: 5/10/17. Comics submitted from contestants outside of the Unites States and Canada will be judged separately from the USA & Canada entries. All entries from outside of the USA or Canada must be from sovereign states non-embargoed by the United States of America and individuals must not be on the USA OFAC list. Read more on embargoed states here. Read more on the OFAC list here.

Comics from these global locations will be held to the same entry rules and round by round guidelines as the USA & Canada entries. However, the prizes will be the following Top International Finisher: Contract Opportunity for 3 issue series run worth up to $1,000 USD (To be negotiated at close of competition). 12 month series feature on Pulsar-Entertainment.com homepage, Video interview posted posted to Pulsar-Entertainment.com.

PRIZES: Rest of World

Top International Finisher

  • $1,000 Contract Opportunity for 3 issue series run.

  • 12 month series feature on Pulsar-Entertainment.com.

  • Video interview posted to Pulsar-Entertainment.com.

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