Monetize Your Brand  


Whether using a PulsarBASIC Membership or a PulsarPREMIUM Membership you will have access to a new slew of tools to get your comic brand thriving.

PulsarBASIC Memberships are free to get started with some features pay per use, where you will be notified in advance ie. Running an Ad campaign (register here). However, a PulsarPREMIUM Membership is a monthly membership of $10/mo that gets you deeper access to our Creator tools but comes with a free 30 day trial period (signup here).

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Submit Original Comics - Use our Submit to Library button at the top of our site to submit your own original comic or portfolio pieces! Your can later PROMOTE & EARN off of your creations.

(PulsarBASIC Service)


Series Creation - Link your original comics together as a series for your fans and followers to easily find your collections. You can accomplish this through your Profile page after clicking your name or your image icon in the top Left corner of the site.

(PulsarPREMIUM Service)



Create Social Ads - Using “Pulse Social Media” found underneath your profile section, you can create social ads that can be promoted through other Creators on the platform that you can self select. So, if there is a Creator you follow that has a great fanbase or a similar comic work with them to promote advertisements for your creations through their social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) as sponsored Ads. For a minimal fee to the other creator you now can post these Ads as word of mouth posts to their community rather than a typical paid advertisement!

(PulsarBASIC Service)

MultiMedia Agent - Ad a PulsarPREMIUM Member your comics are part of a larger portfolio we use to reach out to larger companies for multimedia deals. You do not have to take any deal we bring your way, just know that we may reach out in advance if you have a strong performing property that we feel has potential to be bought or licensed by a major media house. Our interval VP of MultiMedia is constantly putting Pulsar Comics and their creators in front of new prospective buyers.

(PulsarPREMIUM Service)



Affiliate Advertising - Creators on the Pulsar platform create Social Ads to promote their work through other creators in our community by advertising to their social following. YOU can be that advertiser my posting sponsored posts on behalf of other Pulsar Creators. Now, you can earn money from your fanbase and social following without having even sold a comic. Just check your Advertising Queue under your Profile.

Allow other Creators on Pulsar to submit ads to you for placement on your website or social media pages in exchange for payment. The more ads you post and the more fans you have the larger the payout!


(PulsarBASIC Service)


ComicCon Sales - Pulsar leases booths at several conventions such as San Diego International Comic Con and has 20+ Affiliates that also sell our our library of comics submitted by our creators. Now there are two ways you can earn money in this scenario as a creator:

  1. Sell your Creations - Submit your comics to the library and if you are a PulsarPREMIUM Member your work will automatically be included in our portfolio for eSales at these conventions and events. If you have a top performing creation we may do physical prints (at no cost to you) for resale at these events or even offer booth space. Please contact us at to get a rate sheet for what we charge as a commission on the sale or to inquire about shared booth space.

  2. Register as an Affiliate - If you have a booth or table at a convention (or even a comic shop) and perhaps want some more pieces to sell you can become an affiliate of Pulsar! We supply the material and all you have to do is sell it in exchange for a commission. Pulsar takes on and printing and shipping costs so that there is a win win for everyone! Please contact us at for more info on how to register as an Affiliate.

(PulsarPREMIUM Service)


Contests - Sporadically throughout the year Pulsar offers contests for its PulsarPREMIUM Members to participate in. Typically there are cash or equivalent prizes available. Try your hand at our next competition!

(PulsarPREMIUM Service)