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Contest Update 10/29:

Special thanks to our Finalists

*"Giena The Demon Hunter" by Daniel Vergara
*"Tainted" by Dean Kish

We have the votes in early, the competition really came down to Creativity as the deciding factor.

Tainted creatively combines the mental dissorder depression, so common in today's society, with supernatural abilities as a side effect to medication. In Kish's hero Creek Wilden, we find a young girl struggling with depression. Given an experimental drug that helps with her condition but a side effect allows her to see a secret society hiding among us. We are very excited to see how the story grows and what her sixth sense leads her into.

Giena the Demon Slayer by Daniel Vergara was inventive and a refreshing take on the constant struggle between Heaven & Hell. It is interesting to think about the Devil having to perform population control against his own horde of Demons. Giena is the answer to that challenge.

After careful review our team has chosen "Tainted" by Dean Kish as the winner of the competition!

Please take a look at Dean's entry video (our Concept editing system was down so Dean had to submit it separately):

To Daniel, Dean, and everyone else who participated or uses the site thank you for your participation and support!

Keep on creating!
Pulsar Team

It will be a "Concept" competition, kicking off the Concepts area of our website.

Female Heroes, come up with the best story concept in the Concepts area of Pulsar-Entertainment.com for an Original Female Hero!  

Prizes: (only 1 winner)
1.$300 Gift Card
2.Fragrance Set (over $100 in value) from Contest Sponsor BLACK PHOENIX ALCHEMY LAB "purveyors or fine esoteric goods, perfumes, and potions"
3.Work with Pulsar Team to publish the first issue of your comic!

Step 1:
Please create a comic concept by going to the Concepts section of the site. Feel free to upload a sample cover image, sketches etc. Only 1 image will be viewable at this time, in the future you will be able to have more. Also record a video with YouTube (in English) and link the video to your Concept. You will need the YouTube video ID, when uploading a Concept we've already highlighted where you should be looking to capture the ID.

Your videos must be kept down to 3 minutes, no profanity, nudity, completely unpublished finished work, (this includes self publishing, but concept art or unpublished panels are okay. Just no finished books). Your Concept must be All ages appropriate.

If under 18 you must submit your video with a disclosure of approval by parent or legal guardian.

Step 2:

Reach out to friends, family, and fans to promote your concept. Your concept must reach 20 supporters by Oct 23rd at 11:59pm PST to be entered into final judging. There is no entry round, so the earlier you can enter your Concept, the earlier you can gain supporters.

We've had some readers actually contact our tech support page to support a comic concept. In case you had any fans, friends, or family cast their support that way here's some directions on how to let them support your comic concept the correct way on the concept page...


You have to click on the image of the concept, then when you look to the bottom right of the concept you will see a buton that reads "support this concept" click that. However, you must create an account to cast your support. Signing up if free and can be done with a Facebook, Gmail account, or username and password


Step 3:

Feel free to include a "Test" cover page or any work you've already done, but note you will not be judged on that material, only the Concept highlighted in the video (but providing more could help increase your number of supporters!). 

Judged on 4 categories:
  1. 30% Creativity (How unique is this concept)
  2. 40% Binge-ability (Ability to be made into an ongoing series)
  3. 20% Enjoyment
  4. 10% Creator Personality (Let your true colors shine!)
    • Tiebreaker (Total Votes)
Reach out to friends, family, and fans to promote your concept. Your concept must reach 20 supporters by Oct 23rd at 11:59pm PST to be entered into final judging. Supporters can click a support button in the bottom right corner of your Concept.

Following the Pulsar Team will review, and the Winner will be announced on Oct. 29th at 12pm PM PST.

Next Contest will be "Horror Concept" announced on "Mischief Night" Oct. 30th 2017!


To read full contest rules click here